Top Jailbreak Tweaks You Should Definitely Have

The iOS published by Apple looks really promising with its much improved security features as well as also the availability of so many brand new mobile apps. 1 thing, however, that the Apple Company cannot control is the continuous development of applications and software to jailbreaking that an iPhone. Users are currently becoming less hesitant about performing a jailbreak as they discover how they may gain from this. Especially for parents that want to make use of an app to spy on cell phone, jailbreaking is a must.

In this list You'll Find some of the best Jailbreak tweaks for Apple's iOS 8:


This tweak allows for the indigenous tethering off an iPhone iO8, and also gives users the possibility to send or share data out of a VPN, and even to talk about a WiFi connection through a USB. This tweak is ideal for people who are searching for an powerful tethering solution.

Little Brother

When you have experienced how a iPhone 6 Plus can change to landscape style in many unique apps, you'd wish that your smaller iPhone would have exactly the same ability. If that is the case, this tweak is right for you. Together with LittleBrother, you can scale your iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 and at exactly the same time enjoy extra orientation options and zoom levels.


This tweak enables you to customize your icon frames, dots and badges. You're able to change their color, position, size, shape, opacity and even spinning. If you want to have more style, you may add glow or border into the icon accessories. What's more, you can find around ten available topics that include Badgeomizer which are all compatible with any iOS device.


This tweak is extremely popular with jailbroken iPhone users. It permits you to control your iphone like an Android device -- you could swipe to the left, directly, and also long-hold a touch in order to execute certain actions.


This really is another jailbreak tweak that's impressed many users. It gives you the freedom to carry out several customizing activities by allowing you to hide UI elements that you want to hide. Additionally, it includes a new taste panel that's designed in a way that you could easily disable or enable various UI elements.

After researching the awesome tweaks available for jailbroken iPhones, then you must be very excited to jailbreak your own iPhone. If you're about ready to release your iPhone from most of the restrictions of Apple, you must make use of the right computer software.

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